Feb 172016

Ohio Randonneurs,
At the end of the season I sent out a request for criticisms or suggestions pertaining to the 2015 Ohio Randonneurs Brevet Series. I received a few responses. In general there was the suggestion that we host more ACP brevets during the year, perhaps one each month. Others suggested that we offer more than one distance of brevet on the same date. Tony Goodnight, RBA in North Carolina does a nice job with that. We are working on both of these suggestions.

A big thanks goes out to Roy Burnham for scheduling a monthy populaire for the more hardy souls. With the existence of so many RUSA sanctioned permanents all around the state, randonneurs could easily ride more than one distance a month in pursuit of the P-12 and R-12 RUSA awards. Contact the owners of the routes to schedule those opportunities. We list them on our website. Some owners have their own websites. I applaud the randonneurs that have received these awards in consecutive years. As we get more ACP routes archived, we may be able to offer multiple distances, multiple months. That’s one of the reasons that I am moving the starts to brevet series to each corner of the state. This year we are going to the Northwest. Get ready for us up in the Northeast, we will start there next year.

In order to lower the cost of registration, one rider made the following specific suggestions:

  • Lowering the brevet registration fee by eliminating manned controls, and the food we offer during and after the ride
  • Posting the cue earlier than four days before the ride or offering a preliminary route on Ride With GPS
  • Host hotels for the brevets should be less expensive
  • The starts of the brevets should be close to Athens, Ohio so the RBA does not need to stay at a hotel
  • Having a bike shop on the route is not necessary
  • The format we used for the 1000K this year needs improvement

I have been to brevets in different states and countries, and the format varies from place to place. I’ve tried to pick the best practices from each RBA. Our costs are competitive with most, and if they are too high, please consider supporting the RBAs that match your needs in neighboring states.