Ohio Populaires

Please contact the Organizer listed for each Populaire if you have questions or want to register


NameStart LocationDistanceClimbing (ft.)Organizer
105k Akron-Berea-Akron Populaire infoAkron
1052565Jon Salmon
Hocking River Ramble infoAthens1031519Tim Creamer
105k Berea-Akron-Berea Populaire infoBerea1052825Jon Salmon
Creeks and Ponds infoBexley1021400Ross Gridley
Four Reasons to Ride infoCanal Winchester1012870Ross Gridley
Buckeye Lake Excursion infoCanal Winchester1032100Ross Gridley
Rock Mill Covered Bridge infoCanal Winchester1032200Ross Gridley
Up and Down the River infoCincinnati1382400Toshi Nemoto
Rabbit Hash Populaire infoCincinnati1133430Toshi Nemoto
Franklin Park-Darby-Ashville infoColumbus1071312David Buzzee
Going Prospecting infoColumbus116987Ted Meisky
Harrison-Brookville Lake infoHarrison1132700Toshi Nemoto
Darby Creek - Darby Plains 108K (CW)infoHilliard1081086Ted Meisky
Darby Creek - Darby Plains 108K (CCW)infoHilliard1081086Ted Meisky
Lebanon-Xenia infoLebanon1072580Toshi Nemoto
Loveland-Ohio River infoLoveland1322515Toshi Nemoto
Loveland-Caesar Creek infoLoveland1062750Toshi Nemoto
Loveland-Cowan Lake infoLoveland1302656Toshi Nemoto
Southeast Ohio Till Plain 150K infoMason
1502894Sam Carleton
Mason - Caesar Creek infoMason1062580Sam Carleton
Let the Good Times Roll infoPickerington1041950Ross Gridley
Plain City Ramble infoPlain City1221065Ted Meisky
Adams County Populaire infoSardinia1042630Toshi Nemoto
Uniontown to Creston infoUniontown1163568Jon Salmon
Dry Creek Crossing infoWesterville1092300Ted Meisky