About our Events



Ohio Randonneurs ACP brevets are sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien through Randonneurs USA. Completing a series of brevets (200k, 300, 400k and 600k) will qualify a rider for 1200k randonnées or other Randonneur Mondiaux randonnées. Our goal, besides having fun, is to provide riders with the opportunity to complete ultra distance events and prepare for 1200k events.


All controls will be near or at motels, 24 hour convenience stores, delis or restaurants. Plan to stock up on beverage and food prior to the start and plan your stops to replenish. Most of the controls will be staffed by volunteers. Be warned, there may be “secret” controls along the way.


The routes may or may not be painted (most likely not). Most roads are clearly marked with road names or the cue sheet will include good landmarks to identify the turns. A randonneur is expected to navigate without the aid of cheater marks on the road. Make sure you have a good working cyclometer to keep track of your mileage. A backup cyclometer is not necessary but not unreasonable. We provide a detailed cue sheet with mileage at each turn, landmarks and controls clearly marked. General overview maps will be posted on the event details pages. Detailed maps will not be provided. You should make a set of your own detailed maps. The Ohio Gazetteer, a map program or on-line map is a good source of detailed maps.

All precautions should be taken to ensure that you follow the cue sheet which is the official route for each event. Routes are subject to change up to day of ride.

Cue sheets are posted in MS Excel and PDF formats on the event details pages but they are subject to change up to day of ride. GPS files will also be available. Keep in mind that the cue sheet is the only official version of the route.


After completing the online registration form, you will receive a confirmation email . There is a PayPal option or you may print a copy of the confirmation email and mail it, along with your check for all ride fees, to the RBA. The RBA’s address is included in your confirmation email

Post Ride:

Return brevet cards to the ride leader at the finish control or sign your brevet card and drop it in the designated location that will be identified at the pre-ride briefing. Medals may be purchased by RUSA members at the RUSA Online Store. No medals will be available at the ride finish.


Results will be posted on the event details pages a few days after the event. They will be posted alphabetically.


When you don’t finish an event we call it a DNF (Did Not Finish). This can be due to many reasons such as fatigue, illness, mechanical breakdown, or just not having fun. Since most of us ride these events for the challenge it’s disappointing when we don’t finish. Don’t let it get you down. Use it as a learning experience for the next time.

If you don’t finish an event, notify the organizer immediately so that we know you are off the course and safe. Contact information for the organizer will be listed on the cue sheet and control card.