2019 Ohio Randonneurs Flèche & Trace-USA


In 2019, we will hold both a traditional Flèche and a shorter team ride, a Trace-USA.

The Flèche is a 24-hour team event of 360 + km. The Trace is a similar ride of 200 + km. For details see https://rusa.org/teamrando.html . The Trace is the “younger sister” of the Flèche. It is run parallel to the Flèche with a shorter distance (200 km minimum distance) and a possible overnight stop. The purpose of the Trace is to choose a tourist route and to ride it in daytime hours. Trace teams should start on the same day as Flèche teams, make an overnight stop, and arrive at the finish when Flèche teams arrive for a joint breakfast. Teams for both the Flèche and Trace consist of 3- 5 bikes (tandem counts as 1).

Date/time: Teams are to start Saturday May 4 2019 between 7 and 8 AM. On Sunday May 5 2019 we will meet for breakfast at the home of David and Lucy Buzzee, 1790 East Broad Street, Columbus OH 43203.

Duration: up to 24 hours

Distance: minimum 360 km (Flèche) or 200 km (Trace).

Teams: Anyone can organize a team. Normally someone assumes the role of captain, chooses his team mates and selects the team’s route. While Ohio Randonneurs does not establish the teams we will help fill out vacancies.

Route: May start anywhere, but must end at 1790 East Broad Street, Columbus OH 43203.

A team receives credit for the shortest legal bike navigable route between controls excluding limited access highways. Bike paths are acceptable. Mapping software will be used to determine the shortest distance. Additional miles may be required to avoid busy roads. Route and starting time must be pre-approved by David Buzzee. For further information and a link to the registration form and waiver, contact him directly (d_buzzee@yahoo.com). The route is due four weeks before the ride. After the route is approved, the registration form and rider waivers are due two weeks before the ride.

Trace – USA: Start between 7 and 8 AM on Saturday May 4 from Columbus, ride a circular 200-km route back to the start location, sleep there then join the flèche teams for breakfast on Sunday May 5. We will provide a place to sleep (if you are interested) and breakfast on Sunday morning. For this event the route is already planned. If you want to design your own route with an overnight stop of your choice, let us know. We can help.

Route deadline: April 6, 2019.

Fee: $25.00 per rider (RUSA member) or $30.00 (non-RUSA member).

Direct your questions to David Buzzee (d_buzzee@yahoo.com), the organizer of this year’s Flèche and Trace-USA.