August 2016 Update

 Posted by on August 29, 2016
Aug 292016

2016 ACP Brevet Series- We have wrapped up our 2016 ACP Brevet offerings. The full 200, 300, 400 and 600K series started in Findlay, Ohio and our 1000K Coast to Coast to Coast brevet had the option of riding portions of it in the form of two 200K and/or two 300K brevets. We faced all sorts of weather during the series. The 300K that went to Ft. Wayne, IN. and back had low temperatures and high winds. During the 400K, riders had to dodge rain, ride through Hell and back, and fight wind. During the 600K, riders rode in high temperatures and more wind. What we gave up in hills in Northwestern Ohio, we made up with wind.

Frank Seebode, of Bike-Ohio, created, administrated and staged the 1000K again this year. I am still waiting for final stats from Frank, but I can include a couple of quotes from riders that participated. Scott Weinberg posted on Facebook “I finished the full ride yesterday, and it was great (and hard). Super support, good food at the controls, and most importantly, the entire route was marked with arrows. That’s amazing effort to mark every single turn on a 1000K.” Another rider, Roger Pesket, posted “I traveled from Arizona and also finished this month’s CtoCtoC 1000K: an interesting route, and the Dan Henry’s were a useful feature.”

David Buzzee staged and administrated our flèche this season. Originally five teams were scheduled to participate and finish at the same point and time. Due to weather and team numbers, only three teams finished.

We have one more ride scheduled at the end of October, a RUSA certified Populaire. We hope to see you in 2017. Continue reading »