April 2016 Update

 Posted by on May 3, 2016
May 032016

April is known for its Spring Showers and, but for a few days, it was mostly wet. We did have a nice day for the Brevet though but ended the month with a rain soaked day for our Flèche. I just hope that we have good weather for our May 300K coming up on May 14th. We had a great turnout for our 200K which, by a stroke of bad planning, was scheduled the same day as Bill Watts’ Indianapolis 200K. He rode as captain of one of the Indiana Flèche Teams that participated in our Ohio Flèche. He reported that he had a decent turnout for his 200K. I guess there were riders who wanted the hills south of Indianapolis, and other riders who preferred the flat Ohio 200K that had more wind turbines than hills. We had some Indiana Randonneurs and he had some Ohio Randonneurs.

It’s nice that we have other brevets available nearby, including Tom Dusky’s Detroit Randonneurs 200K the following week. I remember when I started randonneuring in 1999 that there were not as many choices. Riders could do the Ohio rides, the Kentucky rides, or travel out to Chicago to make up a brevet in the Great Lakes Randonneurs’ series.

We had two outstanding local randonneurs volunteer to man controls for our 200K. Scott Elliot from Michigan manned the turnaround control at Blissfield since it was only eleven miles from his house, and Jacqueline Campbell volunteered for the first control since it was literally in her neighborhood. She mentioned the fact that our having manned controls the last few years was a real plus and that she basically wanted to “pay it forward”. Jacqueline Campbell has volunteered to help out with our 300K if we need her. She says she can drive to the control. We may see her in Ft. Wayne with yours truly at the turnaround picnic. People can be great if we just let them be, and recognize their sacrifice. Just like my Brain Trust. Continue reading »