May 2015 Update

 Posted by on May 25, 2015
May 252015

A pretty dry day for the riders………….300K May 16, 2015

The 300K is in the books. We had twelve riders registered, two riders did not start, and two riders abandoned due to a serious mechanical issue. There was rain all around on Saturday, but for the most part, our riders were able to avoid it. Debi was in Austin, Texas buying me some socks and a water bottle from Mellow Johnnies bike shop. You know, the one that Lance is associated with, and has a shrine devoted to him in the basement. Debi got some really nice pictures for me, and still managed to put together a batch of date bars for the 300K before she left. Volunteering, with a little arm twisting, Ben Slay and Dawn Mettler manned the turnaround picnic in Logan, and by all reports, and what I personally witnessed, they did a great job. Thanks Ben and Dawn. Ben came up with the idea of donating all the extra food and such to the Logan Fire Department. They were very appreciative, I just wish I would have thought of it first. Further proof, that along with David Buzzee, David Miller, Ted Meisky and Ric Noland, that I am fortunate to surround myself with great people. Matt Taylor finished first at 6:30 pm, and Eve Hush, David Rudy, and John Sanchirico finished to beer and pizza at roughly 10:00 pm., well ahead of the 2:00 am cutoff. Continue reading »

April 2015 Update

 Posted by on May 1, 2015
May 012015

The rains stopped, the clouds parted, the sun shown down and made for a great day for the Ohio Randonneurs 200K brevet. No one complained about the tail wind the last 34 downhill miles of the course either. We had 23 riders start, and 22 finish, including a few newcomers to the “dark side” of cycling. Having to share the start with the COP Spot ride proved to be of little consequence since our riders were out on the road well before most of the Spot riders arrived, and finished well after most of the spot riders had finished. A big thanks goes out to Ric Noland and the Cyclist Connection crew for hosting our series this year. Rob did a great job on the grill. He kept the burgers and hot dogs coming hot off the grill for our post ride picnic. His wife gets a big thanks for getting a new grill and charcoal at the last minute, when it was discovered that the Cyclist Connection grill had broken down. Debi’s date bars and some liquid refreshment from the “cooler” showed our appreciation. I want to personally thank, as most of the riders did, the volunteers that manned the controls. On the 300K we’ll have more tubes available at the controls thanks to Cyclist Connection.

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