February 2015 Update

 Posted by on February 22, 2015
Feb 222015

Ok, let’s get this season started. There are several of you who have been riding permanent brevets and populaires available here in Ohio in pursuit of your R12 and P12 awards. Good luck in reaching your goals. For the rest of the Ohio randonneurs, and riders new to randonneuring, go to our Facebook page or Google group for more information about these rides. If you’re out riding, you might as well get credit for it. All the rules and procedures for riding permanents can be found at RUSA.org. We have a list of Ohio permanents and populaires available on our website.

2015 is a Paris-Brest-Paris year. Ohio Randonneurs will offer a complete series of ACP sanctioned brevets in order to qualify riders for this prestigious event. If you check your history, without PBP there would be no Tour de France. TdF was started by a rival newspaper after PBP was created. PBP is not for everybody. It is a hard ride of 1200K. It’s the greatest ride in which I have participated. Without PBP there would be no permanents or populaires. It is an expensive undertaking. RUSA affords us several other long distance opportunities and awards that still garner a great deal of respect. Continue reading »