December 2014 Update

 Posted by on December 1, 2014
Dec 012014

Well the 2014 brevet season is winding down, except for those of working on your R-12 or P-12 qualifications by riding permanents. Good luck on your efforts, and be safe out there on the roads. I had a good time this year despite some setbacks and tragedies. Thank you for helping me through my first year as Ohio’s RBA. I learned a lot, and have much more to learn. I hope to constantly find ways to improve our brevets.

We have submitted our dates and rides for next year. They appear on the RUSA calendar. All the rides will be submitted as ACP rides. All of the routes are new routes, and must be submitted to RUSA for approval along with their cue sheets. I am trying to put the finishing touches on the routes. We’ve already had to redirect some of the routes that we had originally planned. They are a work in progress. Those of you that want the cues now will just have to wait until they have been approved. I can at least share with you that they will start at Cyclist Connection in Canal Winchester and head for the Hocking Hills. It is a Paris-Brest-Paris year, which is the original ride that randonneuring sprung from. That being the case, I will include more hills, and less bike path. The routes will still be “out and backs”. I know that not all of you are aiming for PBP, but I feel an obligation to try to prepare the riders that are, for what I consider the grandest amateur ride available. Our ACP brevets are offered to any RUSA members and riders both here in Ohio and from outside the state. We had a rider from Randonneurs Ontario this past season. For those of you hoping to secure your R5000 award, and others looking for a longer brevet for training or simply a challenge, we will be offering an ACP 1000K in July. It will be part of the Coast to Coast series weekend, and can be ridden as shorter 200 and 300K brevets or ridden straight through for 1000K. It will cover a route from Cleveland to Cincinnati and back. It will be a flatter offering than our spring series. Continue reading »