July 2014 Update

 Posted by on June 30, 2014
Jun 302014

Well, we wrapped up our 2014 Spring ACP brevet series. Congratulations to all the riders who participated in the brevet series. Some of you were new to randonneuring, while there were a number of well-seasoned veterans. We appreciated all the help and support that you gave each other. We got off to a bumpy start, but finished strong. Some riders could not complete the whole brevet, or the whole series, but that’s why we have the CCIC committee on our website. Please feel free to nominate future members to the committee. Every little bit helps. I hope that the riders who could not complete a particular brevet, or the series, will take away from the experience something that will help you have success at other brevets this year, and not discourage you from coming back next year.

I want to thank all my volunteers that helped this year. They made the series a success. I was told that I could handle the RBA position, if I surrounded myself with a knowledgeable, considerate support team. We still want to offer manned controls next year, so I hope that you will consider volunteering. I don’t want Dave Miller to have to get a tent to man some turn around control. If we can get more volunteers, then each volunteer’s time out on course can be reduced. There are also behind the scenes volunteers that made the season a success. Ted Meisky has enabled you to register, get the cues, see the results, and read this long winded message. Yea Ted! David Buzzee was responsible for laying out the routes and putting the cues together. No Buzzee, no route, no ride. Yea Buzzee! Those of you who remember when David Buzzee was the rba, can appreciate the fact that he took it easy on you this series per my request.

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