April 2014 Update

 Posted by on April 14, 2014
Apr 142014

Two down and two to go to earn that Super Randonneur Award. It’s mid-series, and we’ve covered a lot of miles for the limited training season we had this year. The 300k went well last weekend with few minor incidents. Apparently there was an overly zealous volunteer at the lunch stop who kept blowing the whistle, and even told the kids on the playground to “stop rough housing in the pool”. When I collected the materials from that control, I found a note saying my ink stamp had broken. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Speaking of pools, apparently one rider, who will remain nameless, needed a cue to find the bathroom at the hotel post ride. I told him it was on the right, but he turned left and found himself in the pool in his spandex. He was off the course, so I claim no responsibility.

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