February 2014 Update

 Posted by on February 8, 2014
Feb 082014

Randonneurs and anyone else we’ve corrupted, let’s get the season going. Ted Meisky, Ric Noland, David Buzzee, Tim Creamer and I have been busy trying to get everything up and running, approved, and laid out. Ted has done an excellent job with getting our website where it is. David Buzzee has been having fun laying out the routes and getting the cues together. The rest of us have been doing what we can when we can. Let’s hope we have a good season, and that the few changes we’ve made are worth the increase in the fees.

I’ve negotiated discounts at the two host motels we will be using this year. We will be starting the 200k and 300K at The Country Inn and Suites in Springfield, Ohio. Due to the lack of available rooms the weekend of the 400K, we had to move that start to Xenia, Ohio where the 600k will start and the overnight hotel for the 600K will be. Remember that this year’s routes are “out and backs”. More details on the rooms and discounts will follow.

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