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Next Up: Randonneuring 101 Populaire

Oct. 20 (rain date Oct. 27)

It’s time to recruit some of your cycling friends to “the dark side” of cycling, Ultra-distance Cycling. It’s the end of the season for most cyclists. Your friends have mastered a century, ridden Pelotonia, maybe even have heard of randonneuring. Some of you have gone to Paris-Brest-Paris and come back with amazing stories. Let’s let them in on a new experience. Ohio Randonneurs will be offering our introduction to randonneuring with our end of the season 100K Populaire complete with “controls”, brevet cards, cue sheets, and of course a few well-placed hills. We will follow all the fun with a post ride celebration where stories can be shared, food will be eaten, advice can be given, and questions will be answered. Cyclist Connection in Canal Winchester has once again offered to help host our 65 mile ride. We will ride from Canal Winchester to Granville and back. The ride will have a mass start at 9:00 since it is a timed event. Registration closes on the Thursday before the ride

Help Wanted: Regional Brevet Administrator

Ohio Randonneurs is looking for an ambitious, technologically sound, organized, experienced randonneur that wants to help prepare riders for ultra-distance riding and pass on the randonneuring tradition. No RBA experience is necessary and that is actually preferred. We’ve had the David Buzzee experience, the Bob Waddell experience, and the Dave Roderick experience. Looking for an administrator who wants to improve on the past. There is always room for improvement. New RBA’s are typically expected to host one or two rides their first year so that Randonneurs USA can make sure that they are familiar with rules and processes. Everything needed to host any randonneur event is available at the RUSA website. RUSA makes it easy, and fully supports all randonneurs.

I have surrounded myself with great people who have made it all possible during my term, and I am willing to help the next RBA in any way needed, even manning that 2:00 am control if necessary. Just remember, I am getting old and need my naps. If you are even mildly interested, feel free to contact me. It’s time for a new RBA. Be safe out on the roads.

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