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Intro to your new RBA

Greetings Randonneurs!

My name is Alex Bachmann, from Xenia Ohio. As of December 2019, I am your new Regional Brevet Administrator for the Ohio region of RUSA cycling.

I started participating in long distance cycling in 2013 and have worked my way up to single effort rides totaling over 1000k multiple times a year. I have an active monthly “century +” streak dating back to June of 2014, which has now become a 200k+ since October of last year. My ultimate goal is to complete the Trans American Bicycle Race in 2021, one year before my 30th birthday.

I started riding with the Ohio Randonneurs in 2016, when I stumbled upon the concept of rando cycling in a desperate internet search. I didn’t think there was anyone else in the world riding the way I do. I was elated to discover an organization of riders dedicated to the long and challenging side of endurance bicycling. Continue Reading…

Ohio Rando Cycling 2020 – Changes, Consistencies and Considerations

You’ve got a new RBA and a new RUSA insurance policy. The permanents program has been indefinitely cancelled and you’re probably wondering what this is going to mean for the Ohio program.

My initial desire for the program was to keep as many of the positive and consistent elements the same for our long-term riders, whilst simultaneously growing the program and introducing more events and opportunities within Ohio. We had a meeting in early December where we discussed our best options and came up with the following changes to implement in 2020 in response to RUSA changes. Continue Reading…

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