Jim Wilson’s PBP Comments


If you’re considering the next Paris-Brest-Paris in 2015, there are two reasons why you should ride at least a 200k this season: one is altruistic (or at least patriotic); the other is selfish. Concerned the event has grown too large,  Audax Club Parisien limited PBP entries in 2011. It seems likely they’ll do the same thing in 2015.

In 2011, the number of riders accepted from each country was based on total brevet mileage ridden a full year earlier, in 2010. Assuming no changes, brevets you ride in 2014 will allow more USA riders to participate, even if you aren’t among them.

In 2011, riders were prioritized by the longest brevet they completed in 2010. If all stays the same, and you finish a 200k this time, you’ll have a small leg up on riders who only ride the qualifying series. If you ride a 300k this season, your advantage grows bigger.

Back in 2011, the quota was toothless. Because of the financial depression impending at the time, participation was down and the limits weren’t actually imposed. With the slowly improving economy in 2015, they might be. Even so, I’d bet good money that even a 200k completed in 2014 would assure you a spot in 2015.

If you plan to use the brevets to build a priority in PBP or as qualifiers for another 1200K, make sure you join RUSA a week or two before your first event. Otherwise, you need not join RUSA to face these challenges.”